About MicroBase

Founded on May 12th, 1997.  MicroBase is committed to the research and development of "non-silicon-based MEMS technology" and specializes in Laser LIGA.

The self-developed patented technology is the core capability of the company.  In Asia the only enterprise that has both laser micromachining and micro electroforming technology development and production capabilities. 

After more than a decade of hard work, in addition to being deeply rooted in R&D foundation and technical capabilities, Micro base has actively cooperated with domestic professional R&D institutions and has developed into a world-class professional non-silicon-based manufacturer. 

Apply MEMS technology to products in different fields, including electronic peripherals, medical materials, and beauty products, with customers all over the world. Today, Micro base has become a leading company in the non-silicon-based MEMS industry in Taiwan and is the only non-silicon-based MEMS company in Taiwan that uses LIGA technology.