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The aroma diffuser is the first personal sprayer on the market utilizing active water supply.  It requires very low power consumption and can be used with 100% pure drinking water.  It is designed to effectively spread an extremely fine mist and gently releases the essential oil of your choice into the surroundings.  It is able to generate more than 1 million anions, creating a gentle, healthy and relaxing environment.
1. Low power consumption, which is environmental-friendly and cost-effective
2. Low input power requirement; the power supply methods are USB, batteries, and adaptor
3. Constant operating temperature and no thermal reaction, which can operate continuously
    without any concerns of heating up or affecting the liquid
4. Personalized product design, which is suitable for everyone everyday
SGS Anion Test Report
Test Items Field Bank (BK) Test Results (15cm) Unit
Maximum Value 580 >1236000 Single/c.c.
Minimum Value 0 >1236000 Single/c.c.
Average Value 140 >1236000 Single/c.c.
Dimensions (L× W × H) 75 x 75 x 150 mm
Net weight 350g
Power Input 3~5V(AAx3); AC 110~220V in/DC 5V out (adaptor)
Power Consumption < 2W@DC 5V
Operating Frequency 200~300 kHz
Tank Capacity 80 c.c.
Humidifying Capacity 60ml/hr
Modes Continuous mode (appromi80 minutes)
Continuous mode for 30 minutes
Intermittent mode 30s on-30s off for 60 minutes
Power-off Protection Automatic power-off when tank is empty
Low Battery Detection Automatic power-off when battery is low
Materials PP & ABS


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