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The micro metal mesh or metal nozzle plate(aperture plate/vibrating mesh) used in humidifiers, fragrance sprayers, nebulizers or inhalers requires consistent hole geometry, dimensional accuracy and film stability that traditional manufacturing methods usually can not provide.  MicroBase utilizes LIGA’s micro-electroforming technology to overcome these technical difficulties and has been providing its clients custom-made micro meshes over the past few years.
MicroBase also provides engineering service to achieve optimal liquid atomization for the miniature metal mesh (aperture plate/vibrating mesh) for micro sprayers and nebulizers based on customers’ designs.  For mass production purpose, MicroBase also provides fast turn-key solutions to meet customers’ specific production requirements.
The applications of this product are bio-medical nebulizer and humidifier with limited liquid particle size, also it could be used as humidifier in refrigerator for food technology, agricultural technology and to keep humidity in the air conditioning room.
Materials Ni-Co or Pd-Ni alloy
Outlet aperture > 2 um
Uniformity of thickness ± 1.5%
Substrate size  4” , 6 or 8” in diameter
Other Features No Pinhole, No Nodule, Low Stress


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